Premier League Star and Football international Wilfred Zaha took time out of his busy schedule to spend time at the Selhurst Sports Arena on Friday 1 November 2019.

He called in on the Palace for Life Foundation College Programme having visited the Legacy Centre and another of the Palace For Life long running success story - the Kickz Project. The programme has been running since 2006 and Wilfred Zaha was discovered from this programme and the rest is Crystal Palace, Man Utd and Ivory Coast National Team history.

"I love the [Crystal Palace] Club and the fans who have supported me through everything" said Zaha. Wilfred is the local lad who has grown up to play for his local team in the best league in the world. Who said you cannot dare to dream.

The Selhurst Sports Arena have had the pleasure of Zaha's company previously as when he can he likes to visit, often unannounced, many projects that are dear to his heart and to encourage the young people to enjoy football and make the use of their talent.