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To ensure we able to deal with your booking efficiently and smoothly, please respect and follow the following instructions. In particular, please note the new Terms and Conditions for Bookings designed to protect your safety, keep costs lower and to maintain the life and quality of the pitches and facilities. They will be strictly enforced so please take time to read them. Please download and bring to your first session a signed copy of our 3G Terms, Conditions & Footwear PDF>>

For security and safety reasons WE DO NO ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS AT THE VENUE under any circumstances.

1. Check the Pitch availability below. Available slots are highlighted half hourly in Green. (X = Booked) MINIMUM time of 1 hour per session. If you wish to book more than 4 weeks ahead you are advised to contact FIRST as the slot may be subject to a regular booking that has not been updated yet.

2. Select the start time to book. You will then have the option to select session length.

3. Enter your details.

4. Confirm your booking(s) and Selhurst Sports Arena Members can enter their Discount Code to receive 18% OFF. This bigger discount has therefore replaced the Baulk Booking Scheme.

5. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your payment. All payments must be received BEFORE your booking is confirmed. We accept payments for FREE with no additional charges via PAYPAL. You can choose to pay via your own PayPal account or use a Credit/Debit Card. We operate a non-refundable Booking Policy.

6. Remember that new Terms & Conditions now apply 3G Terms, Conditions & Footwear PDF>>.
We have been asked why no trainers or flat soled footwear - please see attached further guidance pdf here.

For further discounts for pre paid bookings of 6 or more,
Please email your booking slots request and details to
We will confirm your request and email you a PAYPAL invoice which would include any extra discounts we can offer for prepayment bookings only. You will then be able to complete your purchase online.